Wallit Technical Documentation

How many software developers does it take to change a lightbulb? None! That’s a hardware problem!

Hey there! Welcome to our developer docs. Trust us, we know that these things can get a little long winded and dry from time to time. It’s our intent to make this as painless as possible - like a root canal or a broken bone. Not bad at all!

Seriously though, whether you’ve been tasked to implement Wallit into your platform or you’re just doing an audit to see how easy (or hard?) it is to use us, we’re glad you’re here. We only ask for one favor: if you see a bug in the documentation, create a ticket, send a pull request, or at the very least, angrily tweet at us (@mywallit).

So, let’s get started.


We’re assuming you already know a little bit about how Wallit works or what it does. If not, just take a quick scroll through the wallit.io website - and then come back here. This documentation will describe a few things: how to use the API’s to automate the integration, how to create a paywall or access control system on your web platform, and how to integrate external subscription services.

Have you ever had a meeting about an upcoming meeting? Then this should seem familiar: let us document what we’re going to document:

Overview of Concepts What API to use & why, how things generally work, and where to go (hey now!) to get your task done

Overview of User Interfaces An explanation of the various user interfaces to Wallit

Example and Common Scenarios Let’s face it - most docs are tldr; - so scan this list first to see if we’ve already implemented your scenario

Detailed API Documentation Here we get into how to make API calls, what endpoints are, and the objects you can send/expect

Clear as mud? Let’s get started.

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