Detailed API Documentation

Should you read this? Naw, just skip to the API layer you’re looking to customize.

As we mentioned before, we offer a number of user interfaces and API layers. From the list below, please select the section you’d like to get into deeper.

Javascript Library The Javascript library provides the function for the embedded paywall and smart wallet. In addition to these features, it exposes user and resource data, provides extensive customization options, and is used as part of the hybrid protection scheme.

REST API The REST API is split into two different parts: Manage API and Access API. However, both are accessed in a similar fashion and provide a similar interface and authentication mechanism. This section details the requests and responses of the REST API.

Next Generation REST API The next generation REST API is a work in progress.

Web Hook & Callbacks The callback and web hook section explains the various responses that Wallit can send to your server, their format, and what to do with the information.

Dynamic Resource Creation Dynamic resource creation lets Wallit spider your site to catalog resources for your automatically.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) AMP lets you design sites that are optimized for a fast mobile experience, and Wallit can easily integrate with an AMP site.

What’s Next?

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